LaStevia dry leaves

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LaStevia leaf is a Natural Sweetener dry Stevia Leaf. The Stevia Leaves are plucked from the farms of India at the right age and sun dried to get the full sweetness of the leaves. Add the dry stevia leaves to the tea while boiling and get the sweetness without adding any sugar. This is Natural and has no side effects. This is keto and diabetic friendly.

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  • Stevia leaves are low in calories and much sweeter than sugar. If used as a substitute, it helps in weight loss and controlling blood sugar levels. It is also a more natural form of sugar in comparison to processed sugar.
  • Stevia leaves contain antioxidants that help in cleansing the body and healing it internally. It also contains Vitamins and Minerals which are useful for the body.
  • It can be stored in a clean, dry, humid-free place like any other herb and it will stay fresh for several months.
  • Some of the flavanoid polyphenolic antioxidant phytochemicals present in stevia are kaempferol, quercetin, chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, isoquercitrin, iso-steviol. The functions of phytochemicals are helping in body’s defense mechanism, inflammation balance, vascular, eye, and bone health, and reducing the risk of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.


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