LaStevia Assorted Millet Laddus – Zero Sugar, Stevia sweetened gluten free Laddu – 200g

180.00 ஜிஎஸ்டி உட்பட

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LaStevia Assorted Millet Laddus.

  1. This assorted laddu box contains 3 different types of millet laddus.
  2. Our product is Gluten Free, Sugar-Free, Diabetic friendly, Keto friendly.
  3. Our Assorted laddus are rich in Anti-oxidants and Fibre, which helps in heart health and reduce Bad Cholesterol (LDL).
  4. Our Assorted laddus are rich in Magnesium, Potassium which helps in inflammation and helps in body defence mechanism and helps in nerve functioning and brain health.


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