About Us

Driven by the ambition and passion of the investors from innocent childhood days in the small city of Tiruchirapalli in South India, this bunch of friends on a journey of relaxation in a sunny beach after some swimming and basking had been deliberating on health and well-being, struck a right chord of an idea in Specialty and Health foods business. Being hardcore professionals in their respective fields of Agriculture, Marketing, Technology and Management, they envisioned their dreams after some self reflection and brain storming and it just happened.


Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life. It's about what you inspire others to do.

– The LaStevia Sweeteners –

The Mission

Empathizing with the life’s intentions of a common man and inspired by nature’s benefits to mankind, we are committed to provide a high value proposition of these nature’s benefits to society and ensuring sustainability all along the journey of life.

Envisaging this, our mission is simple:

To indulge the mankind in full sweetness of life and providing innovative choices for lasting health

The Vision

We are dedicated to become the recognized industry leader and be the best in what we set out to do, totally focused on our business, ensuring the best products and services to our customers and communities and thereby enhancing the financial opportunity for our associates, shareholders, and better future for all employees.

The Approach

Driven by curiosity and creativity with down to attitude we explore and push forward to provide the best of nature’s products to all our customers at an affordable cost and create a trust in making them believe in their well-being.

The value of an idea lies in the usage of it.

– The LaStevia Sweeteners –

Our Clientele