ZO Assorted Millet Laddus – Jaggery Sweetened gluten free Laddu – 200g

160.00 ஜிஎஸ்டி உட்பட

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ZO Assorted Millet Laddus.

  1. This ZO box contains Ragi laddu, Bajra laddu and Moong laddu.
  2. Zero Compromise on quality. We use natural, direct from farm butter and ghee to enhance the flavour of laddu.
  3. We use jack fruit flour to our laddus. Jackfruit flour is an authentic nutritional gem for its medical nutrition value.
  4. Moong Dal ladoos are rich source of protein. Ragi and Bajra ladoos are rich in dietary fibres, pottasium, phosphorous and anti-oxidants. These millet ladoos are made with pure jaggery without including the ill effects of white sugar. We have added Jack Fruit flour which helps in managing diabetes and cholesterol.

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Weight 200 g


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