Science of Stevia

Stevia the Magical Leaf.

Stevia is a nutrient and sweetness rich herb growing wildly around the rain-forests of Paraguay. This herb is being used for more than 1500 years both for its sweetness and other medicinal benefits.

Stevia is a zero calorie natural sweetener. It does not spike the glucose levels in blood, thus making a perfect choice for not only those who suffer from diabetes but also for other non-diabetic health conscious people.

  • Natures gift for Mankind
  • Stevia is 300 to 400 times sweeter than normal sugar
  • It has zero glycemic index and glycemic load
  • Stevia can be consumed by all age groups
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World of LaStevia

Just indulge in the sweetness of LaStevia.

LaStevia Sweeteners are formulated with the most purest form of natural stevia extracts and other natural ingredients. Premium quality food additives needed for the sweeteners are imported from European Union and used. LaStevia is a “no compromise sweetener” as the R&D activities are focused on removing the aftertaste of stevia inherent in it. High quality Thaumatin and Monk fruit extracts derived from plants are imported to give LaStevia sweeteners an unique “honey dew” flavor and taste.

LaStevia sweeteners are free from any synthetics like Aspartame, Sucralose and Saccharin.

Just dig in and indulge yourself. It’s definitely not a Pandora’s  box.

Stevia Sachets

Our easy to handle, environment friendly, paper based sachets are available in packs of

Stevia Spoonable

Our ready to use, zero wastage, use as you need spoonable powders are available in jars of
  • 100 grams in a Glass Jar
  • Customised pack for Institutions

Stevia Dry leaves

Our LaStevia leaves are plucked from various farms across Indian and shade dried to give the right sweetness. Available in
  • 50 grams in a Stand-up pouch
  • 100 grams in a PET / Glass Jar
  • Customised pack for Institutions

Speciality Sweeteners for Confectionery

Indulgence doesn’t stop with your favorite hot or cold beverage. LaStevia’s stevia based specialty sweeteners specific to the needs of Indian Sweets and Cakes are available. These are researched and developed in our laboratories keeping in mind the sweet tooth of individuals and Indian palates. These sweeteners are available for both domestic use and industry use. Specific needs of sweeteners for the  industry can be developed.
  • LaStevia sweetener for cakes
  • LaStevia sweetener for Payasam & Kheer
  • LaStevia sweetener for laddu
  • LaStevia sweetener for kaju & badam katli
  • LaStevia sweetener for chikki cake
  • Contact us for your Retail & Home needs

Don't decrease your goal. Increase the effort!

– The LaStevia –


I am non-daibetic, but still use low or zero calorie sweeteners. Though I have used other natural sweeteners in the past, I tried La Stevia and should admit that I liked it very much. The main difference is that it does not leave any after taste or bitter taste. Good job from the producers. I like and recommend the product.

Manikandan – Thudiyalur, Coimbatore

I used LaStevia purchased from Niligirs RS Puram branch, the product is very nice and my tea did not have any altered taste when I used this. Being diabetic, I was used to taking artificial sweetener in the past and now moved to this Stevia sweetener for the first time, I am happy to use this La Stevia sweetener for my coffee and tea.

Senthil, RS Puram Coimbatore

My children like cakes and I bake my own cake at home every week. Earlier I was using sugar and recently started using LaStevia sweetner instead of sugar and find the same taste using Lastevia sweetner. I recommend others  to use LaStevia’s sweetner for cake preparation.

Smitha, Pune

We, senior citizens with diabetes are deprived of sugar and sweets. As we enquired about sugar free powders, our diebetologist recommended that we can use sugar free powders which does not contain aspartame, as it  is not good for health.
We selected LaStevia, which doesn’t  contain aspartame, zero calorie natural sweetener, made from the extracts of Stevia plant. We are using it for the past one year and we are very much satisfied. Our cravings for sweets also fulfilled by LaStevia, which replaces white sugar in our life.
We are happy and satisfied in using LaStevia for our daily beverages. Thank you LaStevia!

Gomathi Sundaram, Chennai


Why Work With Us

Welcome to LaStevia by TeraVentura

28 years of experience

Team of six professionals joined together to start this enterprise.

We six start-up partners having more than 28 years of professional experience. We bring in this experience in product development, business development, professional services, Agronomic service in the field of stevia. We have tied up with the best of industry leaders to bring in leading technology in the field of stevia to provide best of services to our business partners.

What we do

What happens when a team of professionals set out to solve at least one of the myriad of issues that haunt modern living? LaStevia is born.

Simple pleasures of life include indulging in a coffee or tea or juice that tastes good and relaxes our mind. Food for body is also food for soul. Why do health conscious friends and diabetes refrain from the sweetness of life?

Why should one be deprived of the pleasure of sweet taste in the desserts, variety of sweets, coffee and milk.

Professional team

Friends for over forty years are friends for life. Professionals with engineering, and agricultural degrees, management degrees and nearly three decades of corporate experience come together to deliver best value proposition that can be trusted for quality and taste at economical price. When profits are not the prime motive, reputation grows freely. The management team of TerVentura are fully committed to delivering the best value for the products you chose to buy from us.

Our reputation is the proof!

– Taste It to Believe It –

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